Displaying a Static Homepage in WordPress

Here’s a way to set up your WordPress site so that posts don’t show up on the homepage. You may want, for example, visitors to see your “About” page when they first come to your site, instead of your latest posts. Here’s how:

  • Go to Appearance—>Customize—>Front. Under Front Page Display, choose “A Static Page.” Then choose “About” for your Front Page. Don’t make any selection in the spot where you’re supposed to indicate where your blog posts go.
  • Go to Posts—>Categories. This is where you want to add your Categories.
  • Go to Appearance—>Menus. Now select the Categories on the left-hand side and bring them over to the Menu Structure on the right-hand side.
  • After you click “Save,” go up top to Manage Locations. For the Navigation Menu, select “Menu 1” from the drop down.

Now, when you create a post, assign at least one Category. The post will display in the appropriate location(s) in your main navigation. Keep in mind, the main navigation can include a combination of “Categories” and “Pages.”


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