Monthly Archives: April 2014

Week #13 To-Do List

Complete the following items by 11:59 p.m., Saturday April 19:

  • Review your website and social media platforms. As part of your social media portfolio grade, I’ll conduct a final audit of your online brand.
  • Both blog posts should be related to your beat. Share blog entries via Twitter, LinkedIn, Google Plus, and your professional Facebook page.



Week #12 To-Do List

We’re in the homestretch! Remember, your final story and Storify are due by the start of class Monday, April 14.

Below are the items you’re required to share while producing your final story. These must be spread out during the newsgathering and production process. (You will not receive full credit if you post these items after you’ve completed the story. Remember, we’re subscribing to the concept of “journalism as process.”)

  • At least four tweets related to your story. Remember to @mention and use hashtags when possible. The goal is to engage your social media audience. Ideas we’ve discussed: tell them what you’re working on, provide a behind-the-scenes look, ask a question about the story. Give your audience meaningful information.
  • Produce one video promoting your story (you choose the app this time), and then share on your social media platforms.
  • Two Instagram photos: share to Twitter and your professional Facebook page.

Other items:

  • Mike O’Neill (mikeoneill76), IC’s social media strategist, will be talking with you on Wednesday. Attendance will be taken. Tweet his discussion.
  • Continue working on your personal (start April 14) and group presentations (start April 25).