That’s A Wrap!

As we wrap up the semester, think about how much you’ve accomplished — and the fun along the way! This is a good time to reflect upon our course goals:

  • Effectively use social media for newsgathering, dissemination, and audience engagement.
  • Research and locate reliable information from social media to enhance your reporting, and at the same time, identify misleading and unbalanced content.
  • Gain the technical skills of mobile newsgathering through the use of mobile devices and apps to gather, produce, and distribute news content.
  • Create and enhance your own professional brand on social media platforms.
  • Become an engaged and active participant of the online community of the beat that you have chosen.
  • Receive HootSuite Certification, an industry-leading standard.
  • Use HootSuite analytics and other platforms to monitor and analyze social media engagement and success.
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of mobile and social media strategies and policies in news organizations.
  • Understand the public’s active role in the news production process, and the resulting impact on journalism.
  • Understand the flexibility, innovativeness, and entrepreneurial spirit needed to be successful in this evolving industry.

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