Week #2 To-Do List

Complete the following items by Monday, Feb. 8:

  • Sign-up for your Teaching Moment session
  • Complete the set-up of your website and submit the link to BrandYourself.com
  • Create a professional Facebook page and invite people via SM to “like” it
  • Ensure your personal Facebook page has the proper privacy settings
  • Sign-up and download apps for the following platforms: Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Vine, YouTube, HootSuite, Videolicious, iMovie
  • Ensure that your profile photo, bio headline, and full bio are consistent across all platforms
  • Follow Dan Gillmor (@dangillmor) and tweet one interesting item about his book (Use #ICParkSM)
  • Create two Twitter lists: “CNY Newsmakers” and “Social Media Pros” (our course library page has a number of people you could add to the SM Pros list)
  • Set-up your HootSuite dashboard
  • Add the HootSuite Hootlet to the web browsers on your computer and mobile device
  • Send at least 10 class-related tweets with the #ICParkSM hashtag (tweets must be spread out during the week)
  • Give a #FF shout-out to at least three people

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