Week #3 To-Do List

At this point you should be spending at least 30 minutes throughout the day monitoring, updating, and engaging on your social media platforms. Monitor our Facebook page and Twitter hashtag on a daily basis. Complete the following items by 11:59 p.m., Saturday February 13:

  • We’re collaborating with other communications and journalism classes on a social media scavenger hunt. You can work in teams of two. This drill will be graded. Each item is worth 10 points.
  • Sign-up for Storify, which will be used as part of the scavenger hunt.
  • Park School alumnus Aaron Edwards will chat with us Monday via Skype. Read about Aaron and follow him on Twitter (@aaronmedwards). Also, read this article he recently wrote for NiemanLab.
  • Using #ICParkSM, tweet at least twice during Aaron’s discussion.
  • Review the blogging tip sheet and rubric posted to Sakai.
  • Blog posts: one related to your beat. Another post must focus on Aaron’s discussion.
  • Share both blog entries via your social media platforms.
  • Create a Twitter list that includes at least 20 sources related to your beat.
  • Add your social media links to this Google document.
  • Create a LinkedIn profile with your professional photo and bio. Complete at least the following sections: background summary, experience, skills, education, honors/awards, and organizations/groups. Connect with a minimum of 10 people, including me.
  • Be ready to discuss story ideas Monday, February 15.

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