Week #7 To-Do List

Below are the items you’re required to share while producing your second story. These must be spread out during the newsgathering and production process. They must be completed by Friday, March 11.

  • At least four tweets related to your story. Remember to @mention and use hashtags when possible. The goal is to engage your social media audience. Ideas we’ve discussed: tell them what you’re working on, provide a behind-the-scenes look, ask a question about the story.
  • Produce a Snapchat Story while you’re reporting! Make sure to save the Story to your camera roll. You will submit this video to me. While producing the Snapchat Story, you must cross promote at least once on Twitter and your professional Facebook page. I highly recommend following news outlets on Snapchat in order to see how they’re using this platform. NBC News does a fantastic job producing engaging Snapchat content.
  • Two photos: share to Twitter and your professional Facebook page

Complete the following items by 11:59 p.m., Saturday March 12:

  • Upload your Snapchat Story to the Forums section of Sakai.
  • Create a Storify with the other items mentioned above, including your cross-promotion of Snapchat. Submit the Storify link to the Forums section of Sakai.
  • Sign up for a live blogging shift for Ed Tech Day.
  • Complete the analytics log sheet.

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