To-Do List #9

Welcome back from fall break!

  • Come to class tomorrow with story ideas and your game-plan for social media. I will not give you a list of social media items for the next package. Instead, you’ll come up with your own list. You must use at least two social media platforms while reporting and follow SMO best practices. 
  • Package #3: 550-600 word story with mobile-friendly layout, three images taken with a mobile device, and a video (1-1:30) produced using your mobile device and then embedded in the story. (Reminder: the video must be edited on your mobile device — NOT your computer).
  • Check out when you’re scheduled to present your social media portfolio.
  • Remember to check your analytics at least once a week, using the analytics log sheet as a guide. A discussion of your analytics is required during the portfolio presentation.
  • Begin planning your team social media policy/strategy presentations. Enter your team member’s names and the selected outlet.
  • TBA: Coverage of President Collado’s inauguration and Ithaca College’s 125th anniversary. Schedule of events can be found here:

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