Monthly Archives: December 2017

To-Do List #15

Our final to-do list of the semester! Due by the end of class Wednesday, Dec. 6: 

  • Multimedia story produced with Adobe Spark Page:
    –If you have yet to complete two stories related to your beat, this final story must  be beat-related.
    –Approximately 600 words
    –1:00-1:30 video shot and produced with mobile device (you choose the app)
    –Photos taken with mobile device
  • Social media elements spread throughout the reporting process (remember to social media optimize posts). Create a Storify of the items:
    –At least one social graphic shared to Facebook and Twitter.
    –A readable video produced with Adobe Spark Video, and shared to Facebook and Twitter.  (I’ll show you how to use the app this week, in case you have yet to work with it.)
    –You should have additional tweets during the reporting process.
    –When possible, @mention/tag Ithaca Week on Facebook and Twitter so that your colleagues who manage those accounts in the coming weeks will be alerted to your posts, and they can periodically share them.
    –Finally, if there are any other social media items/platforms you want to use for your story, go for it!

iPad Return Reminder:

  • If you were issued an iPad Mini by PPECS, please e-mail Tim Merritt ( to schedule a time to return the device. Tim has asked that you  do not reset the device to factory settings just yet. He will walk you through the appropriate steps when you  meet with him.