To-Do List #9


  • Live tweet this using #ICParkSM: We’ll chat for part of Wednesday’s class with Allie Healy (@allieehealyy), an alumna of the IC journalism department and #ICParkSM. Allie has worked in various roles at Advance Media New York since she graduated in 2014. She just began her new gig as social media lead at, a role that was previously occupied by another alumna, Christine Loman, who recently joined the social media team at The Washington Post.
  • In class, we’ll revisit your analytics using the analytics log sheet as a guide. (Note: If you use Wix for your website, you have to install the app called Visitor Analytics.) You should jot down a few notes about your analytics once a week from now until the end of the semester. Your analytics will be part of your end-of-the semester portfolio assignment.

Multimedia Story #3

By the end of class Friday upload the story submission document to the Forum section of our Sakai page. 

Website story due by end of class Friday, March 30:

  • 550-600 word story with mobile-friendly layout.
  • 2-3 images taken with a mobile device.
  • Video (1-1:30) produced using your mobile device (you choose the video app) embedded in the story.

Social media items during the reporting process:

These items must be spread out during the reporting process and completed by the end of class Friday, March 30. You’ll once again create a Wakelet with these items.

  • Produce a Snapchat or Instagram story while you’re reporting. Make sure to save the story to your camera roll and then upload it to YouTube. (You could also share the completed story on Twitter and then give me that link.) That’s how you’ll submit it to me.  While producing the Snapchat/Instagram story, you must cross promote at least once on Twitter and your professional Facebook page. I highly recommend following news outlets on Snapchat and Instagram in order to see how they’re using these platforms. NBC News, correspondent Hallie Jackson (hallienbc on Snapchat |hallie_gram on Insta) in particular, does a fantastic job producing engaging Snapchat and Instagram content.
  • At least one social media graphic. Share to both Twitter and your professional Facebook page. Pro tip: after you share content on your professional FB page, share that post from your personal FB page. This will help get more traction for your page.
  • At least four additional social media optimized tweets. Give your audience meaningful info. Don’t simply write, “here’s a tease of my story” or “package coming soon.” This is newsroom jargon and doesn’t engage our audiences.

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