To-Do List #10

**If I give you the approval to post your story to Ithaca Week, please do so ASAP in order for our social team to share those.

Due by Saturday at 11:59 p.m.:

  • Two blog posts related to your beat. Share from your professional Facebook page and Twitter.
  • Create a Twitter Moment about the 50th anniversary of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s assassination.  I’ll create a post on Facebook page where you can submit your link. I’ll be in Memphis with a team of students to cover the events for NPR. You could integrate some of our content on Twitter.
  • Revisit your analytics using the analytics log sheet as a guide. (Note: If you use Wix for your website, you have to install the app called Visitor Analytics.) You should jot down a few notes about your analytics once a week from now until the end of the semester. Your analytics will be part of your end-of-the semester portfolio assignment.
  • Email to me your story pitches and how you will use two social media platforms while reporting. Yes, you’re creating your own social media to-do list. Please give me specifics.
  • In addition to 2-3 photos taken with a mobile device and the text of the story with a mobile-friendly layout, your video must be produced using the LumaFusion app. See my post on our FB page to get your code to download the app for free ($20 value). This the most high-end mobile app for video that I’ve come across. I didn’t use it in past years because of the cost, but I was recently able to get access at no-cost.  Check out this post about how two filmmakers used LumaFusion to produce a documentary.

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