To-Do List #11

By the end of class Friday upload the story submission document to the Forum section of our Sakai page. 

Multimedia Story #4

All of these items will be published together on your website by the end of Friday’s class. I will let you know in my feedback if you should post your story to Ithaca Week:

  • 550-600 word story with mobile-friendly layout.
  • 2-3 images taken with a mobile device.
  • Video (1-1:30) produced using the LumaFusion app and embedded in the story. Please check my FB post from last week to get your code to access LumaFusion at no-cost.

Social Media

Remember that you are creating your own social media to-do list this week. Pick two social platforms to report across, and let’s keep optimizing those posts! These items must be spread out during the reporting process and completed by the end of class on Friday, April 13. You’ll once again create a Wakelet with these items.


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