Week #13 To-Do List

Live Tweet Wednesday’s Chats

  • First up on Wednesday will be Mike Castellucci (@MikeCastellucci). He’s a real innovator when it comes to the use of mobile devices for storytelling. He created  series of half-hour TV specials that are shot using only an iPhone. He’s won an Edward R. Murrow Award and several Emmys for the series.
  • Then we’ll chat with IC journalism alumna Christine Loman (@ChristineLoman), who manages social media at The Washington Post.

Final Multimedia Story

Upload the story submission document to the Forum section of our Sakai page. 

Website story due by end of class Friday, April 27:

  • 550-600 word story with mobile-friendly layout.
  • 2-3 images taken with a mobile device.
  • Video (1-1:30) produced using your mobile device (you choose the video app) embedded in the story.

Social media items during the reporting process:

Remember to SMO your posts and @mention Ithaca Week. These items must be spread out during the reporting process and completed by the end of class Friday, April 27. You’ll once again create a Wakelet with these items.

  • LIVE: Go live from the scene of your story on either  your professional Facebook page or Twitter. Want to broadcast LIVE on one of the Ithaca Week accounts? Contact this week’s social media team: Justin Rouzier and Andrew Sullivan.
  • U-PICK:  Choose at least one other platform to share as you report. Remember to optimize, optimize, optimize.

Social Media Portfolio Reflection: Due by Wednesday, 5/2


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