To-Do List #3

Week #3! Due by midnight, Saturday September 15:

  • Complete the set-up of your website. If your site is not looking the way you would like it to, please chat with me for help.
  • Review the blogging tip sheet and rubric posted to Sakai. You can find a similar guide on pages 64-65 of the book.
  • Two blog posts: One related to your beat. In the second post, reflect upon the readings, and how mobile devices and social media are impacting journalism. Consider using the discussion questions from Chapter 1’s Checklist as a guide.
  • Share both blog entries via Twitter. I also recommend giving your followers a heads up about the beat you’ll be covering this semester.

Complete by Monday, September 17:

  • Add your website/social media links to this Google document.
  • Hootsuite Academy: Continue going through the modules at your own pace. Remember that midway through the semester I will ask you to take the Hootsuite Certification exam.
  • Set-up your Hootsuite dashboard. [If you prefer using TweetDeck, go for it!]
  • Read Chapters 4 and 5. Tweet two items you found interesting from the book and let us know why. Use our course hashtag #ICParkSM. The book handle is @MobileJourn, in case you want to include that in a tweet.
  • Tip: After creating your professional Facebook page, invite people to “like” it.
  • Create a LinkedIn profile with your professional photo and bio. Complete at least the following sections: headline, summary, experience, skills, education, honors/awards, and organizations/groups. Get in the habit of connecting with people on LinkedIn on a consistent basis, especially professionals you’ve met.
  • Create three Twitter lists: one for your beat, one for local news sources, and another for sources that will keep you updated on the latest mobile and social media journalism trends. Each list must have at least 15 sources. This Resources page has a list of sources that you could use for the mobile and social media journalism list. Keep your lists public so I can view them. It’s a good idea to place those lists in your Hootsuite or TweetDeck dashboard.

Be ready to discuss story ideas on Monday, Sept. 17. Bring three story ideas to class.


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