To-Do List #5

By the end of class, Sept. 26, upload the story submission document to the Forum section of our Sakai page. 

Multimedia Story #1

All of these items will be published together on your website by the end of Wednesday’s class. In my feedback to you, I will let you know if you should publish on Ithaca Week as well. Follow the instructions for posting to Ithaca Week.

  • 550-600 word story with mobile-friendly layout.
  • 2-3 images taken with a mobile device. Remember to caption all photos.
  • Video (1-1:30) produced using the iMovie mobile app and embedded in your story. Remember to include the Ithaca Week logo in the open and close.

Social Media 

You should have a social media game plan for every story before heading out the door. Below are the items you’re required to share while producing your first story. You do not have to use #ICParkSM. Remember, posts should be social media optimized. For example, they’ll  include @mentions, hashtags, tags, and visuals — items that lead to increased engagement. Also, it’s a good idea to periodically mention you’re covering the story for Ithaca Week by @mentioning in posts. These items must be spread out during the reporting process and completed by the end of class on Wednesday, Sept. 26:

  • At least four tweets. Give your audience meaningful info: use quotes from sources, ask a question about the story, provide a behind-the-scenes look. Don’t simply write, “here’s a tease of my story” or “package coming soon.” This is newsroom jargon and doesn’t engage our audiences. You could use the Videolicious app for one of these.
  • A “readable” social media video produced with the Adobe Spark Video app. Share to Twitter and your professional Facebook page. Keep this around :30 seconds.
  • Share at least two photos to Twitter and your professional Facebook page. Provide context about what you’re showing followers.  Remember to “speak the language” of the different platforms.
  • Create a Wakelet (this replaces Storify) with the items mentioned above. This is how I will evaluate and grade your social media engagement for your first story.

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