To-Do List #3

Week #3! You should complete the following items by midnight, Saturday.

  • Add your website/social media links to this Google document.
  • Pick a classmate and week to present a Teaching Moment
  • Two blog posts: One related to your beat. In the second post, reflect upon the readings, and how mobile devices and social media are impacting journalism. Consider using the discussion questions from Chapter 1’s Checklist as a guide.
  • Share both blog entries via Twitter. I also recommend giving your followers a heads up about the beat you’ll be covering this semester.
  • Read Chapters 4 and 5. Tweet two items you found interesting from the book and let us know why. Use our course hashtag #ICParkSM. The book handle is @MobileJourn, in case you want to include that in a tweet.
  • Hootsuite Academy: Hootsuite Enterprise Courseware.
  • Set-up your Hootsuite dashboard. More on this Wednesday.
  • Complete the set-up of your website. I will set aside part of Wednesday’s class to work on your websites. Come with questions for me if your site is not looking the way you would like it to.
  • After creating your professional Facebook page, invite people via SM to “like” it.
  • Ensure that your profile photo and bios are consistent across all platforms.
  • Create a LinkedIn profile with your professional photo and bio. Complete at least the following sections: headline, summary, experience, skills, education, honors/awards, and organizations/groups. Get in the habit of connecting with people on LinkedIn on a consistent basis, especially professionals you’ve met.
  • Create three Twitter lists: one for your beat, one for local news sources, and another for sources that will keep you updated on the latest mobile and social media journalism trends. Each list must have at least 15 sources. This Resources page has a list of sources that you could use for the mobile and social media journalism list. Keep your lists public so I can view them. It’s a good idea to place those lists in your Hootsuite dashboard.

To-Do List #2

Complete the following items by Sunday, Feb. 4. From this point forward, I will publish to-do lists every Sunday and most items must be completed by the following Saturday night.

  • Hootsuite Academy: The Fundamentals of Using Hootsuite and Advanced Uses of Hootsuite.
  • No need to read Chapters 4 and 5 yet, even though they are listed on the syllabus this week.
  • Establish professionally oriented accounts on Twitter, Facebook (create a professional page instead of using your personal page), Instagram, Snapchat, LinkedIn, and YouTube. In addition to apps for the previously mentioned sites, download apps for Hootsuite, Videolicious, iMovie, Adobe Spark Post, and Adobe Spark Video.
  • Complete the set-up of your website. For branding purposes, remember to keep your website domain and social media handles as close to your name as possible.
  • Finalize your short bio for social media profiles and a longer one for your website and LinkedIn page. Ensure that your profile photo, short bio for social media, and longer bio are consistent across all platforms.
  • For your Ithaca Week account: add a profile photo, short blurb about you, and links to your professional Twitter and Facebook accounts.
  • Review the blogging tip sheet and rubric posted to Sakai. You can find a similar guide on pages 64-65 of the book. You will have two blog posts due next week.

To-Do List #1

Twitter. Facebook. Instagram. Snapchat. These are some of the social media tools altering how journalists do their jobs and how people consume news today. This course prepares you to evaluate and use social media and mobile devices as professional journalists. By the end of the course, you will have the fundamental mobile and social media skills that news organizations are seeking from today’s journalists. You will build your own professional social media brand and produce a portfolio of stories using social media and mobile devices/apps.

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To-Do List #15

Our final to-do list of the semester! Due by the end of class Wednesday, Dec. 6: 

  • Multimedia story produced with Adobe Spark Page:
    –If you have yet to complete two stories related to your beat, this final story must  be beat-related.
    –Approximately 600 words
    –1:00-1:30 video shot and produced with mobile device (you choose the app)
    –Photos taken with mobile device
  • Social media elements spread throughout the reporting process (remember to social media optimize posts). Create a Storify of the items:
    –At least one social graphic shared to Facebook and Twitter.
    –A readable video produced with Adobe Spark Video, and shared to Facebook and Twitter.  (I’ll show you how to use the app this week, in case you have yet to work with it.)
    –You should have additional tweets during the reporting process.
    –When possible, @mention/tag Ithaca Week on Facebook and Twitter so that your colleagues who manage those accounts in the coming weeks will be alerted to your posts, and they can periodically share them.
    –Finally, if there are any other social media items/platforms you want to use for your story, go for it!

iPad Return Reminder:

  • If you were issued an iPad Mini by PPECS, please e-mail Tim Merritt ( to schedule a time to return the device. Tim has asked that you  do not reset the device to factory settings just yet. He will walk you through the appropriate steps when you  meet with him.


To-Do List #14

For Monday, Nov. 27:

For Monday, Dec. 4: 

  • Read Chapter 8: Mobile and Social Media in Your Career.
  • Find a job description online for a position at an outlet where you’d eventually like to work. We’ll analyze the description in class next Monday, paying particular attention to digital skills.

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To-Do List #12

Due by Saturday at 11:59 p.m.:

  • Two blog posts: one related to your beat. The other should be focused on our discussion this week with IC alumna Christine Loman (@ChristineLoman), social media editor and member of the Editorial Board at Post-Standard, and her colleague Katie Kramer (@KatieKrames), social media editor at prepare for our discussion, I recommend rereading p. 27 of the book, which briefly mentions the mobile-first changes at the outlet, and pp. 29-30, the Q&A with their boss. You could use some of this information in your blog post.)
  • Share your blog posts to your professional social media accounts.

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To-Do List #11

To-Do List #9

Welcome back from fall break!

  • Come to class tomorrow with story ideas and your game-plan for social media. I will not give you a list of social media items for the next package. Instead, you’ll come up with your own list. You must use at least two social media platforms while reporting and follow SMO best practices. 
  • Package #3: 550-600 word story with mobile-friendly layout, three images taken with a mobile device, and a video (1-1:30) produced using your mobile device and then embedded in the story. (Reminder: the video must be edited on your mobile device — NOT your computer).
  • Check out when you’re scheduled to present your social media portfolio.
  • Remember to check your analytics at least once a week, using the analytics log sheet as a guide. A discussion of your analytics is required during the portfolio presentation.
  • Begin planning your team social media policy/strategy presentations. Enter your team member’s names and the selected outlet.
  • TBA: Coverage of President Collado’s inauguration and Ithaca College’s 125th anniversary. Schedule of events can be found here: