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Mojo Checklist

Preparation begins well before you head to a story. There’s nothing more frustrating than when something that could have easily been prevented goes wrong in the field. So, don’t wait until you’re in the field to complete this checklist. Store this mobile journalism checklist in your “go” bag.

  • Do you have all the gear you normally use? Mic(s), headphones, monopod, etc.
  • Do you have enough memory on your device(s)? Check your device settings for this information.
  • Are your devices charged? What about your portable charger? Did you remember your car charger?
  • Do you have batteries for equipment that needs them?
  • Do you have all the cords for your devices?
  • Do you have all the social media and production apps on your phone that you’ll need to get the job done?
  • Have you tested the mic(s) you plan on using?
  • Have you searched for locations where you can tap into wi-fi, if you need it? Certain apps pinpoint on a map where public wi-fi spots are located.
  • Recharge and repack as soon as you get home or back to the newsroom!



That’s A Wrap!

As we wrap up the semester, think about how much you’ve accomplished — and the fun along the way! This is a good time to reflect upon our course goals:

  • Effectively use social media for newsgathering, dissemination, and audience engagement.
  • Research and locate reliable information from social media to enhance your reporting, and at the same time, identify misleading and unbalanced content.
  • Gain the technical skills of mobile newsgathering through the use of mobile devices and apps to gather, produce, and distribute news content.
  • Create and enhance your own professional brand on social media platforms.
  • Become an engaged and active participant of the online community of the beat that you have chosen.
  • Receive HootSuite Certification, an industry-leading standard.
  • Use HootSuite analytics and other platforms to monitor and analyze social media engagement and success.
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of mobile and social media strategies and policies in news organizations.
  • Understand the public’s active role in the news production process, and the resulting impact on journalism.
  • Understand the flexibility, innovativeness, and entrepreneurial spirit needed to be successful in this evolving industry.