To-Do List #2

Complete the following items by Monday, Sept. 10. From this point forward, I will publish to-do lists every Sunday and most items must be completed by the following Saturday night. [UPDATED 9/6. See changes in bold.]

  • No need to read Chapters 4 -5 or worry about the blog posts yet, even though they are listed on the syllabus this week.
  • Reserve a mojo kit from PPECS and bring it to class Monday Wednesday.
  • Set-up your free Hootsuite account. Read these step-by-step directions. Complete Hootsuite Academy: The Fundamentals of Using Hootsuite.
  • Establish professionally oriented accounts on Twitter, Facebook (create a professional page instead of using your personal page), Instagram, Snapchat (Not this semester!), LinkedIn, and YouTube.
  • In addition to apps for the previously mentioned sites, download apps for Hootsuite, Videolicious, iMovie, Adobe Spark Post, and Adobe Spark Video.
  • Complete the set-up of your website. For branding purposes, remember to keep your website domain and social media handles as close to your name as possible. [We’ll take care of this Monday during class]
  • Finalize your short bio for social media profiles and a longer one for your website and LinkedIn page. Ensure that your profile photo, short bio for social media, and longer bio are consistent across all platforms.
  • For your Ithaca Week account: add a profile photo, short blurb about you, and links to your professional Twitter and Facebook accounts.
  • Review the blogging tip sheet and rubric posted to Sakai. You can find a similar guide on pages 64-65 of the book. You will have two blog posts due next week. 

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